Paul and Jenny Speed

Whatever It Takes!

“A big turning point came on Saturday when we spontaneously asked a 19-year old young lady named Elizabeth to join our 15-year-old son Daniel on stage. Elizabeth’s parents were there as attendees. With their permission, we asked her and Daniel to share with the group how their parents’ struggles had affected them. Their honest confessions of the hurt and pain that they had been through, and then the end result of how openness and honesty had healed their hearts, brought tears to everyone in the room. Elizabeth ended by looking into the WITtestimoniesgroup of 96 people, allowing her eyes to meet her father’s, and declaring…“I love my Daddy!”
Our Daniel, with tears in his eyes, spoke of his own struggles as a 15-year-old
young man. He shared that he was grateful for a father who was open about his failures and how his father’s openness gave him the courage to fight and not give up in his own battles. He and I (Paul) stood and hugged for a long time on stage, both crying. You could sense that the Lord was melting hardened hearts through these tender moments. They were God moments!”

Sara Smith, one of the young ladies helping with the conference, writes some of her thoughts and observations, one beautiful scene that she portrays is the night of communion.

Communion TableI looked around and saw tables covered in white linen with a candle burning and glasses of grape juice with a plate of bread prepared for each couple that were attending the marriage conference. There was a life-size cross standing in the center of the front part of the meeting place.

Dozens of couples quietly entered the room, took a seat looking towards each other and spent time crying in each other’s arms, praying, and taking part in an unforgettable communion time.  As I looked around, I realized that the tears which were flowing were an outflow from years communion26of hurt, sorrow, bitterness, and maybe even resentment. It was a beautiful thing to see couples embracing each other in forgiveness and love even though their hearts were filled with pain.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Blessed Redeemer. He is the Restorer of Life. He is the Giver of all good gifts. He is the Source of true Love, Joy, and Peace. He is ALL we need.”

Here are a few testimonies from those who attended the conference, as you read, take some time to marvel at God’s goodness.

“What has impacted me the most at this conference has been the honesty of the 01-80_9240men and women giving testimonies and the evidence of their forgiveness and restoration in their marriages. They have shown me that a relationship with Jesus is real and that I can have one, too. For the first time in my life, I feel the presence of Jesus and I know He is in control and hears me and FORGIVES me!”

“I have seen how I have demanded my husband to change and, in the process,
poisoned myself and my children…But I now have a clear understanding of who I AM
and who I can CHOOSE to be in Christ.”

“Thank you. After 20 years of marriage I can now say… I love my husband!”

“Paul & Jenny, We just arrived home after the conference…Before when my wife would ask me questions my typical response was to act like someone trying to avoid being electrocuted. But now I am responding totally differently, giving her unobstructed access to my mind, my heart and my life. After a few of these responses, she gleefully jumped on me, wrapping her arms around me!…I know Rings!that we still have a long road ahead of us, but Paul & Jenny , we are free…yes, free at last!”

God is good, and there is hope for any who will surrender and seek Him! For more information on the WIT conference for couples, and the upcoming conference for singles,  go to