Walking down a path, life is good, things are good,
sometimes it’s a little rough, but generally it’s pretty easy.


I just live, do what I like, try to do what my parents want me to do because… well that’s what I’m supposed to do. I have a few odd jobs that keep me supplied with a little spending money which is nice! I go to church, enjoy it, I have great friends, I like my pastors, yup, it’s all good. I go here and there, do some ministry with my church, which is really good because I know that’s another thing I’m supposed to do! I read my Bible, and that’s cool, well most of the time, sometimes I admit, it’s a little boring, but, I read it anyway, because you can’t live the Christian life without doing that. And then of course I pray, well not a whole lot, prayer is rather time consuming, BUT it’s another thing you absolutely MUST do if you want to live the Christian life! I don’t do evil or wrong things, I came to that fork in the road a while ago, and I’m not going there!! I mean really, who wants brain damage from drinking and drugs? And smoking, well if you’ve ever looked at those pictures of black lungs in the doctors office, NO THANKS! Being immoral doesn’t pay, I know that, it’s in the Bible, so nope. Swearing is against the ……. Well one of the commandments so I don’t do that either! I turned my back on that road and went God’s way!! So all in all, my life is going good. This road I’m on is pleasant, and things are going well.

…… Wait a second, what’s this? It’s another fork? Oh great! What road is this? What does that sign say? Let me see… “Life, and Life More Abundantly.” What? O come on! I thought I was already on that road!! Why is this fork here? What’s the difference between the road I’m on, and this new choice?

Let me see some of the places this new road leads.


“Full Surrender,” “Self-Sacrifice,” “Love for Christ Alone,” “Suffering for Jesus’ Sake,” “Speaking of the Cross,” “Humility,” “Walking by Faith,” “Knowing Jesus”

Good grief, I don’t get it, I really thought I was already on this road.

Well, let’s see, where does my present road bring me? I guess I never really checked on that.

“Complacency”, “Spiritual Lethargy,” “Christian Mediocrity,” “Lukewarm Spirituality,”

What? That’s impossible! I’m living like a Christian should! I do what Christians are supposed to do. I love God, I do what the Bible says, and I stay away from evil, how could that be where my road ends up?

Why do I have to make this choice? What’s missing in my present way of life that would cause me to go to those places?

lcohq And why should I go down this other road? I know that I want to love Jesus, and know Him, but “Suffering”? What all does that entail? And “Speaking of the Cross”? I go out with my church sometimes, and go door knocking, or every once in a while I give out a tract. Isn’t that enough? I don’t really like being too outright with my faith, I mean it’s kind of embarrassing, and it lowers peoples opinion of me. Sigh, but I don’t want to be lukewarm. I learned about the verse in Revelation where God says He’ll spit the lukewarm out of His mouth, and that’s not how I want to end up.

So what’s the answer, what am I missing?….

How about PASSION? What about total abandonment to God? A willingness to do ANYTHING for Him, to go ANYWHERE for Him? …..

But I thought I was willing. I mean if He calls me to the mission field I’ll go! I think I’d even die for Him! …..

But what will I do for Him NOW? Will I step out in faith today?

Do I KNOW Jesus? Do I read my Bible to actually get to know Him? Do I pray for the sake of spending time with Him? Do I even believe that He’s listening when I pray?

So, what does it come down to? Do I want the easy Christian life, or the intense Christian life?

One is pleasant, minimal difficulties, not too much sacrifice, discomfort, pain, or embarrassment. Financial security, a good sense of well being … but, it’s not what God desires for me.

The other is full of uncertainty, living in faith, which is really hard. Not caring about my reputation, having people think less of me than I want them to. It would mean going against my natural desires and inclinations; fighting against the principalities of dalcohq2rkness, and becoming a target that they want to take out. It would be taking scary chances, trusting God; watching Him do awesome things. Being used of Him for His kingdom; telling others about who He is, and how He loves, even if they look down on me; talking to Him at any moment of the day, knowing that even if I can’t sense Him, He’s listening. Getting to know Jesus, learning to love Him with everything I am! Being filled with HIM!

I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy, but I want “Life, and Life more Abundantly!”

~ Laura Oliverio