One of the most incredible developments in the IBLP ministry since the BASIC Seminar and Journey to the Heart!
At this moment, the very essence of IBLP found in the amazing truths, the profound principles, the deep insights, and the personal life lessons of scores of incredible people who know and love God, is online for the whole world to access!
Embassy Institute is an online treasure chest of these inspiring video and audio messages that have impacted lives over the last several decades, and now, through this site, hundreds of these treasures can be shared with anyone who wants them.
There are already hundreds of video and audio messages ready to be live streamed to your computer, with more being added regularly.

This is how Embassy Institute works.
Go to, and subscribe. The cost is $9.00 per month, or $99.00 for the entire year. This is an investment in your spiritual walk with the Lord that will be worth every penny if you use it to its potential!
After you’ve signed up, you’ll have a login name and password, and using those, you will be able to access anything on the sight for however long you choose to continue your membership.

Comprehending the value of this tool is almost impossible, so we pray you’ll choose to benefit by it, and use it to the fullest!