For the past 10 days 28 girls from around Mexico have come to  together to seek the Lord, on a Journey to the Heart, in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is the first Journey ever held in Mexico, and with a ‘smile of provision’ from God, I had the privilege to work with and observe firsthand the delightful treasures God had in store for these girls.

With a visit from Mr. Gothard to start the training time, we immediately started to see God change hearts. As the studying grew more serious and we continued to study wrong hearts conditions, one-by-one, God convicted, broke hardened hearts and was ever present with abundant grace and gentle healing for each confession and every wrong made right. Many made things right with their parents clearing their consciences, one found the grace and mercy of God for the first time, two nights ago in her salvation. God has given purpose to others, vision for their lives and fulfillment and satisfaction in Him.

Tonight, the Journey training time in Guadalajara is finished and it ends with incalculable glory needing to go to God. I sit in the warm summer air, looking out on the dark nightscape, the girls voices filling the night air in beautiful Spanish testimony praising God for His work, His care and His goodness to each of them. I sit here amazed, my heart touched and filled to overflowing with gladness, for I cannot stop marveling at just what it is God has done on this Journey.