This year has been unprecedented
in what God has done with Journey!

It has been an honor to watch God make Himself known to hundreds of people this year. Here are a few of the things God did, that put a sense of awe back into some of us.

Something Unbelievable
We not only did another all Spanish Journey this summer, plus our normal Journeys, but we actually went somewhere that, I for one, NEVER even thought possible! (Actually, I’d never even thought of it at all!)

For the very first time, we did a Journey to the Heart in a prison.
I’m serious! There was a Journey done down in Florida at a ladies prison!

Prison JourneyOk so you may be thinking, “What? How does that even work?”
And really, it shouldn’t have worked, but when we talk about the impossible, and God doing it, it’s no joke! He really can, and that’s what He did! I won’t write a whole thing about it here, but if you want to know more about what happened follow the link and you’ll get more of the amazing story! A Prison Revival


Into All the World
Then, after all that (as if that wasn’t amazing enough) God worked it out perfectly for us to hold a Journey to the Heart in the Philippines!

Another first that we just weren’t sure would ever happen!!!

It was amazing.  We figured out that it doesn’t matter so much where you are, as long as you’re willing to take time to get away and really seek God!
Here are a couple testimonies from this special Journey!

Ezekiel’s Story

Nesty’s Journey

Click Here to See Pictures From This Journey!


On the Home Front

Now, in case you haven’t been on too much, then here are a few links to some lives that were touched by our Saviour.  If you get bored of reading testimonies, just remember this, each person represents someone who may be just like you. Someone who has been taken out of darkness and brought into the light, someone who has gone from bondage to freedom, and from guilt and fear, to peace.
So let’s enjoy the goodness of God as we read of His work in these lives.


I wasn’t too excited about going. I was thinking… ‘I’ve already been to several Basic Seminars…what more is there to learn?’  Wow, I was wrong.”
Caleb’s Testimony

“Feeling depressed, discouraged, and bitter at God…I heard about this thing called Journey to the Heart….. I decided I would give it my best shot, but if this didn’t work then I was done with all the Jesus stuff. ” Gabrielle’s Story