I’ll shoot straight with you: I’m ridiculously afraid of many things, and many of them are fairly small. I don’t let my fear show, but it is so there. Lame right, afraid of what people will think or do IF they found out I was afraid of anything.

Anyways, lately, I’ve been stuck on 1st John 4:18. So, the verse says “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.” Honestly, I usually just read the first part of the verse, but I wanna get to thinkin’ on the last part.

The first part “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” says so much, just in that little phrase:

If I really loved God,

  • I’d trust Him to let Him freely work in my life
  • I’d only care what He thought of me, and not what everyone else thought or did.
  • I’d admit my struggles and fears, because in my weakness, He can take over, and show His strength and incredible power.

If I really loved people,

  • I wouldn’t care what they thought, because who really wants the responsibility of deciding who and what is and isn’t “cool”.
  • I’d get past my fear and show them “perfect love” regardless of what they would show me in return.

And last, If I really loved and valued myself, I wouldn’t worry myself with dumb, finite things.

And just an add on, I heard Mrs. Speed say something so smart: Fear is a sin. Yes, a Sin. Why? To me it’s a sin simply because it’s not having enough faith, hope, trust, and love for and in your Heavenly Father that He knows what’s up with you, and what you need. Also, it’s very self -centered and will keep you from so much that God wants to accomplish through you in this gloomy place called Earth.

Please claim and draw on God’s endless supply of grace (“unmerited favor” and incredible power vested in you) to overcome fear and do something amazing, incredible, stupendous, and supernatural for God, I’m making and will continue to make an honest attempt to do the same.

Anyways, That’s not super deep or spiritual or whatever, but that’s one of the main things I’ve been pondering lately. Thanks for reading this banter 🙂

~Nicole Lay
September 2009 Journey