So why do we even bother to suggest items? I mean really, what’s our game here?
Well honestly? It’s so we can all become independently wealthy on the items we sell.

Now, you may think that’s the reason we do this, but you can trust me on this one, it’s not, or I would be trying to sell something WAY bigger!

The reason we do this, is because we have totally bought into the idea that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Along with that, we also believe that whatever you watch, read, or listen to, is what you’ll be thinking about…. I’ll let you make the connection yourself.

If you’ll begin to take seriously what you put into your mind and heart, and if you choose to regularly put in truth, you will become a formidable opponent to the enemy, because his only weapon is lies.

So, with that in mind, here are a few suggestions:

I Am Who I Am

This book is all scripture describing our God. It may sound ultra spiritual, but if there’s one thing that we need, it’s to know and believe what God says about Himself. Most of our issues come from the fact that we just don’t believe that God is who He says He is in the Bible, or maybe we just don’t know what it says He is. Either way, something like this book is an amazing thing to put into your heart.




I heard this family play live, and it was amazing! They took songs I’d heard a thousand times and they made them exciting and beautiful again.
The music we listen to is really important. You know, it’as amazing to me how music gets into us in a way that few other things do. You’ll hear a random song in the grocery store that you may never have even cared to know (a few really annoying songs come to my mind) but then, a day later, you catch yourself humming it, or singing the one line you remember.  It’s incredible how music sticks with you. So when you’re choosing your music, take a second to think about what kind of songs you want running through your head, and coming out when you randomly burst into song. 🙂


Ok, last one: Set Free

This book, is the story of a normal guy, with big problems, and the same huge need for God that we all have. Though I admit, he did a few things I never have, like when he drove the car through the hotel wall, (I’m not kidding.) Stories like this remind us that we have a saving and redeeming God, who IS the answer to the bondage we’re in.