Here are some great books and CDs that will encourage you in your Journey of knowing Jesus.

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Ministering Melodies: Inspiration on the Ivories

Inspiration on the Ivories

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! This incredible CD  of piano duets will send chills up and down your spine with the sheer passion of the players!  These amazing and intricate arrangements put together by our own Robert Staddon and Clayton Reedstrom are full of feeling and power!  You’ll experience the fun of songs like “There is Joy in Serving Jesus” and the power of the storm with “Master the Tempest is Raging” and “It is Well With My Soul.”

A truly inspiring CD for anyone who loves to hear God’s praises on the piano keys. This is also available on DVD which makes it twice the experience as you watch the energy of the players, and the almost unbelievable movement of their fingers. It truly is a blessing to see such talent given back to the One who created it.

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As We Are Together – Christmas

This is a great Christmas CD with many favorites, and some less common holiday melodies.

This CD is full of variety; the song selections are not all your typical Christmas carols, some of the tracks are instrumental, some are vocal, and it also has several different styles of music, from folk, to straight piano. This CD covers a lot of different music preferences! If you enjoy Christmas music, then this would be a wonderful addition to your collection!

With songs like: In the Bleak Mid-Winter, A Thousand Candles, Winter Play, Love has Come, What Child is This, and many others this is a great and varied CD that you can enjoy this Christmas time!
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Christmas Meditations

Medley after medley of beautiful Christmas songs played majestically by a full orchestra.

This instrumental CD is filled with some of the most loved classics, and what makes it exciting is the way they are masterfully put together to form a collage of  Christmas favorites.

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Messages for Life:Secure in the Everlasting Arms

Need a gift for a mother, grandmother, aunt, or sister? (Not to mention a friends or extended relative.)
If they like Elisabeth Elliot, or even if they’ve never heard of her, this is a phenomenal book!
My favorite aspect of this book is the fact that it is broken up in two to four page independent chapters.  Each little section is full of wisdom, truth, and best yet, stories from her life and the lives of others.  This would be an amazing gift, or just a wonderful book to have on hand!

Mover of Men and Mountains

This is a fantastic autobiography written by a man who had much to say about how God desires to work in our lives and even in our businesses! In this book is story after story of God guiding this man into a closer relationship with Him and a better understanding of how big God is. This is a great book for everyone to read, especially for those guys who like to read about some big toys. As the inventor of many different types of earth moving monsters R.G. LeTourneau has some pretty exciting and even hair-raising accounts of his work in the realm of bulldozers, jungle crushers, and a lot of other giant machinery.
A book that’s easy and fun to read, this is a great gift, or a great book to add to your personal library. Click here to view this in our web store