“This Journey has truly changed my life. Not just because of the people I met, or the games I enjoyed, or the songs that we sang, or the sermons we heard. Ezekiel's TestimonyAll of that was really a blessing. But the most unforgettable experience in my life here at Journey was that I was filled with God’s voice. I sought Him and I found Him.

My life before the Journey was very busy in doing ministry for the Lord. At first you would think that I was a really good Christian, I thought that too. But while we were studying the bad hearts, while we were reading those inscribed letters, I began to see myself behind those written lines.
I was guilty of having a murmuring heart, a fretful and fearful heart, an adulterous heart, deceitful heart, an uncircumcised heart, and also a prideful heart. Yet, there was happening inside my heart things that were far beyond words. If I could put it just in the simplest terms I would say that God was slowly changing my heart. He was working inside of me. The Lord took away my heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh; one that is fully alive, and one that beats for God and God alone.

A few days before the Journey I was praying to God that He would be with me during this week. I prayed that this Journey would be the encouragement that I needed, and I hoped that I would come out of this week vibrantly refreshed. But what the Lord did, was He didn’t refresh my heart or give me the encouragement I prayed for; He gave me a brand new heart. A heart that has a hunger for His Word, a heart that will seek after His face with all my strength, mind, and soul.

This was the first time I heard the term “Rhemas” and rhemas have helped me in my quiet time and in memorizing Bible verses. It has really blessed me a lot. But this week the Lord has shown me how great He is. Just being here at the Journey was by the grace of God. My parents heard about the Journey only three weeks before December 2nd. So without second thought my mom got a registration form, came home and immediately sent the form to IBLP, not knowing if I would still be accepted.
Even though we knew that the fee was way beyond our head, in faith we went for it. December 2nd was coming real fast and we had no time to waste so we made a support letter and gave it to our friends and family. The first week I raised 20% and I still had a long way to go. Time was passing away real fast, and it was three days to go before December 2nd and I still hadn’t raised enough money yet. One day to go, and I started to worry, I started wondering if I could still come. Then Sunday came and I still hadn’t raised the money. But God worked in a very interesting way. Just before I left the church the Lord’s blessing out poured on me, and I was able to raise more than I needed to pay for the fee here.

A lot of things God has changed in my life and I am so thankful that God allowed me to be here. To meet some wonderful people and to have a break from my chaotic life, and to listen to God’s loving voice.

Lastly, God told me to talk to my dad, confessing everything inside my heart. At first I was reasoning with myself if I should make the call or not. But finally I made the hard decision to call my dad. After the call I had a weakening feeling inside of me, my legs were shaking. But it was a great feeling, knowing that I had emptied the box and there was nothing to hide from my parents.
So this Journey has been a complete blessing to me, and I praise the Lord.