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Sound Bytes from the March Girls Journey


Thank you so much for your prayers for the young ladies who were up in the Northwoods last week on the first Journey to the Heart of 2013! They shared quite a few powerful testimonies with us when they returned on Sunday. Here is a short audio clip with a few quick sound bytes. Praise the Lord for the...

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Sound Bytes from October Guys Journey

October Guys Journey

We enjoyed listening to hours of powerful testimonies this evening after the young men from the October Guys Journey returned from an encouraging time of seeking the Lord in the Northwoods. Thank you so much for praying! Here is a quick three-minute audio clip with a few sound bytes so that you...

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Does Surrender Mean Bondage?


My Journey changed my life. James 4:7 states, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” I believe this is what God did on my Journey. Before the Journey I had been living a double-minded life, desperately trying to act spiritually but at the same time loving...

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Some Things Can Be Difficult to Explain

If I was only allowed to use one word to describe the Journey it would be 'Awesome.' Experiencing the closeness to God, the unity of my team, the power of fervent prayer ... it is something that is hard to explain. I tell everyone that asks me about it that they too must go on a Journey. My friend,...

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A Closeness to God Like Never Before


When I first heard about Journey to the Heart I wasn’t too excited about going. Deep down I was thinking “I’ve already been to several Basic Seminars, the Advanced Seminar, Read through the Wisdom Books three times – what more is there to learn?” I thought we would just be reviewing stuff I...

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A Journey to Freedom


Below is Caleb’s testimony from this past guy’s Journey, and how the Lord delivered him from the extreme pain of stomach ulcers! Well, I have to start out by saying all glory and praise be to God for his working and refinement in my life! I have to give a testimony of what the Lord has done in my...

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Conquering Competing Affections


There is a verse in Proverbs that says, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life,” and when I would read it I would think, “Yeah, I’m guarding my heart, I’m fine there.” But I wasn’t guarding my mind, and if I do not guard my mind and take my thoughts captive,...

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A New Passion for Life


Jenna had no hope, and nothing to look forward to. Ultimately she reached the point where she had no reason or even desire to stay alive. What changed? Listen as she shares her story of what God did on her Journey and the change He brought to her life. Download MP3 (15 min)   ~ Jenna August...

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A Leader’s Point of View


Thank you for praying for this past guys journey! Listen as Barak shares all that the Lord did while they were up in the Northwoods, from the perspective of one leading the Journey.   Download MP3 (3 min) ~ Barak October 2011 Journey

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Lasting Fruit

I have always been in church, and I could talk about God with anyone, I “knew” how to pray, I sang in the choir, and my dad is on staff at our church, but I was not a Christian. I was a Christian by association, but I really didn’t want to be one at all. So, I tried everything within my power to...

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