Below is Caleb’s testimony from this past guy’s Journey, and how the Lord delivered him from the extreme pain of stomach ulcers!

CalebWell, I have to start out by saying all glory and praise be to God for his working and refinement in my life! I have to give a testimony of what the Lord has done in my heart during the Journey To The Heart program.

I had always wanted to go on a Journey, and when I received the opportunity to go it was right after I had had a few years of total rebellion against my parents, which was eating away my spirit and soul!

Then my two sisters came to visit me in Romania, and both of them recognized that I was in distress. My older sister Naomi registered for a whole year on Embassy Institute, and asked me to listen to one of the messages online. So I started listening to Paul and Jenny Speed’s message on hidden failures, and the Holy Spirit grabbed a hold of my heart. I was so convicted I picked up the phone, called my parents, and confessed all my secret sins to them.

I went home right away and received counsel with Brother Jim Logan, and found freedom in Christ and started experiencing the Lord in my  heart. I spent some more time building my relationship with my family and then departed back to Romania.

The Lord revealed to me two weeks before I came on the Journey that I had embraced the music of the family I lived with in Romania. I argued with the Lord, and He revealed to me during the journey how much this music affects me in my relationship with him, and that he could not bless my life with this music in my heart. I listened to wholesome classical music, and also mixed other music from the radio.

When I was in hiding with all my secret sins I had very extreme pain with stomach ulcers, but when I confessed everything and reconciled my heart to all that the Lord lead me to make right, the pain stopped! I had a scope operation done and the doctor said that I no longer had the bacteria in my body. So when I was on the Journey Brother Bill Gothard went through the new book Strong Delusions From Strange Fire, and again the Lord really challenged me again on music. As I argued with God, my stomach pain came back.

Well, just a few days ago on April 9, 2012, I gave the Lord all of my heart and gave up the music that I had embraced and reclaimed that surrendered ground. The pain decreased immediately! Praise the Lord for the Journey and all the truths the Lord has shown me, and all the rhemas he is teaching me. God bless you all and continue on with the Lord in His grace each moment and each day!

~ Caleb
April 2012 Guys Journey