“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send,
and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”
Isaiah 6:8

As this is being posted, I am currently in Peru! Memories flood back from my last journey to Peru, in December of 2011….

Peruvian FriendsEven though seven days seems like such a short span of time, God gave each of us such an opportunity to make a great impact in this special country!

I felt I was able to mingle with the people more, and God taught me to be bold in sharing the gospel, instead of simply giving away Christian booklets. 

For example, an incident occurred during our visit to a hospital which ministers to little children with aids. I was in the hospital handing out tracts, when a young mother stopped me and questioned me about my beliefs. She was trying to hold onto life and support her little girl single handedly.  Her heart was very soft soil, ready to receive the seed of His Word, and I was able, right then and there, to lead her to the Rock that is Higher than I! 

It was a busy trip, filled with many memories. We met with government officials and were received very warmly. Also, our group spent time with gang members and their leaders, teaching them to be ‘givers’ instead of takers. 

As a group, we passed out many tracts and were able to pray with numerous souls in different areas.  I was able to give away free gifts to many of these dear people, and used this act as an analogy for the Gospel. Salvation is a free gift that we must receive…It is not free in the sense that it has no cost, but in essence no cost is charged to their account, or mine.  Praise the Lord!

Ministering in PeruAs I look back, I believe that the highlight of the week was when we traveled outside the big city to the Black Mountain area. There, we found hundreds of needy young mothers and children living in poverty-level conditions.  Some didn’t even have running water inside their homes.  But I was even more amazed to find out how many of the families didn’t have a Bible.  I personally own more than four!  Until then I never fully realized what a privilege it was to own God’s word. I hope I will never take it for granted again.

Every time I set foot in the amazing country of Peru, I can’t help but see the incredible needs this country has, coupled with a very real hunger for truth. I am blessed beyond measure to have had the privilege of sharing the Good News with so many lives.

The Lord is going to do great and mighty wonders through His people.

Here are we, Lord, send us!

Mexican Journey to the Heart Team Leader