Over the summer, I helped out with a month-long Character Camp in Oklahoma City. One day, a boy named Edgar came up to me, wondering how a person could be saved. A few minutes later he asked Christ into his heart! Over the next couple of weeks we studied a little bit of the Bible each day. About 21 other kids came to know the Lord during this Character Camp.

Christians often have the thought, “Does it really matter if I get involved in a ministry? I’m only one person. How can I realistically change the world, or even my city?”

When God told Abraham that He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham begged Him to pardon the city if there were but ten righteous people in those cities. God said he would. Yet there were not even ten that did what was right. Today God is looking for young men and women who are normal, everyday people who simple care about Him and want to make a difference. God notices when even a few righteous people obey Him, though all others may be doing what is wrong, or simply doing nothing.

For Edgar and each of those twenty one kids saved, it only took one person who cared about them and took the time to explain the Gospel. All around us are those who are lost, who are searching for the truth. Many are bitter, and when you witness to them or hand them a track, they reject you and your message. But it is worth being rejected!

Let’s get involved in ministry. Ask God where He wants you to serve Him, whether it would be helping out with a current program in your church or going to a program like In the Gap. You could go on a missions trip somewhere in the U.S. or overseas, or perhaps start a little Bible study with some neighborhood kids. Even giving a track to the local grocer or bank teller can make a difference! The key is being open to serving God in some capacity, so that when He examines your life, He can be pleased and say, “Well done.” Who knows, but someone might be saved by your example!

~ Paul
November 2007 Journey