NataliaI was so excited when I returned from the Journey to the Heart! I had learned so much about the lies we believe that trap us and keep us from serving God with all our strength. I had a new sense of freedom. With all this excitement, I knew that I had to share it with others. I gave my testimony at church but that wasn’t enough. I knew many girls who had never heard the truths that will set us free from the lies that we have come to believe. God was telling me to share in detail from what I had learned.

The team I began disciplingWith the help of my parents and sister, I was able to invite girls over weekly to discuss the struggles we go through when we believe Satan’s lies. At the first meeting only five girls came, but as the weeks went by the group grew to 25 people. I was so surprised! By the time our weekly meetings ended, I could see how God had already begun to work in the girls’ hearts.

I remember how inadequate I felt when God had laid it on my heart to share with these girls; yet by the end I understood that all God ever wants is a willing heart.

~ Natalia