JevennI came to Journey to the Heart as an overweight young man in need of a lot of change in my life both physically and spiritually. I really enjoyed the Journey and learned a tremendous amount about aligning under God and my authority and getting rid of the secret sins that had been eating away my life. I learned that the power of sin is in its secrecy.

ALERT Graduating ClassAfter the Journey, I went to ALERT to honor my Mom and Dad, not because I wanted to. Though it was hard, I grew both physically in strength and endurance and spiritually in faith and reliance on God for my every need.

My Father's BlessingWhile taking law enforcement and property care to complete Phases 2 & 3 of ALERT, I learned so much more. One of the most important lessons I learned and am still applying it in my life is the concept of what really matters in life; all the frills and accessories are nothing when I compare them with my relationship with God and others. I must be willing to do anything to honor and defend these relationships.

~ Jevenn
April 2008 Journey


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