I wonder what the next step is for my life.
I have extra time at home but I’m not sure how to use it most wisely.
I came face to face with an emergency but I didn’t know how to respond.
I enjoy learning about medicine, but is it really for me? . . . I wish I could “try” it.

Do any of these ring a bell with you?

The CNA course equips young people with the medical knowledge they need for effective service to others.As a child, I played with doctor’s kits, nursed my dolls to health, used the toy stethoscope on anyone standing still, was the “medic” when we played house or cowboys and Indians, and dreamed of being a nurse.  The Telos Institute International gave me the opportunity to live my dream and develop my medical knowledge through the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training held in Indianapolis, IN.

This month-long program gives those who attend enough information and skills so they leave with well-developed ability and capacity to deal with situations the Lord brings across their path. During the course, we had the chance to work at a nursing home and the seniors loved it Sisters and studentswhen the “angels” show up! The Telos CNA course has a 100% passing rate and many have gone from this course and used their certification to either get a job or begin nurses’ training.

After taking my CNA, the Lord threw me into situations where the training was required. These included:

  • A girl flipped over her handlebars and cut open her chin
  • Another girl went into something that was similar to a seizure and while we were enroute to the hospital, I lost her heartbeat.  Those of us in the van cried out to the Lord and soon I found it again.
  • Several people dealing with sickness and diseases
  • A girl cut her thumb to the bone while trying to slice a large watermelon
  • A guy cut his hand on glass and nearly fell on me as his body began going into shock
  • A guy flew off his bike and was badly scraped up and nearly unconscious
  • A person with a broken finger came to see if I thought it needed medical attention
  • Sprains
  • Back injuries
  • Dealing with bad cuts
  • Old age difficulties and making the seniors as comfortable as possible
  • Caring for a lady two weeks before her death

Trained and readyIn today’s day and age, everyone will be faced with a time when medical basics will be an asset: a co-worker has a seizure, your grandfather experiences a heart attack, your best friend accidently eats something she’s allergic to and goes into anaphylactic shock, your little brother goes into shock after a hard fall from a tree, someone gets dizzy and faints, a little child suffers from illness, someone complains of a sore stomach and it turns out to be an inflamed appendix, or your parents or grandparents need help with everyday living as they age.

This training will give you a foundation to rely on and develop from.

~ Kendalyn

The next CNA course is scheduled for May 2-28, 2010 at the Indianapolis Training Center. The registration deadline is March 3. For more information, visit www.ati.iblp.org/cna/