Today is the final day to have one of your parents call the Journey to the Heart office (630-323-9800 ext. 522) and report that you successfully memorized twelve verses to complete the first part of The Challenge II!

Here are some thoughts on verse eleven:


“For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved” – Romans 10:13


Romans 10:13 has spoken peace into the lives of many searching to find assurance of their eternal destiny.This promise has spoken peace into the lives of many searching to find assurance of their eternal destiny. It is a matter of fact stated simple enough for any honest soul to find true peace with God by simply resting in “the Word of the faith which we preach.”

At just three years of age, I found peace with God through simple obedience to this verse and I know that anyone who in simple child-like faith obeys will receive that same assurance that I have enjoyed all these years.

When sharing my faith, I often explain this verse word by word. Whosoever really means anyone regardless religious background, cultural differences, or political persuasion. To call on the Lord you don’t need a phone, but rather talk with Him in prayer. Share with Him what you have learned about your need for salvation and based on His name, character, and Son’s death on the cross that you accept His sacrifice as full payment for your wrongdoing. This verse states that if you do this, you shall be saved. Does that mean maybe, might be, hope to be, or think you will be saved? No! We can rest in the simple truth of Scripture, just as I did at a very young age and know for certain if we died today, we would enjoy an eternity with the Lord.

DavidDo you have that confidence, assurance, and hope? Do you know beyond the shadow of doubt that you will spend eternity with Christ? If you have doubts, there is no time to spare. Call on the name of the Lord today. Take God at His Word and you SHALL be saved!

~ David