“What an awesome experience it is when you bring a group of girls together with one purpose and one goal: to seek God and learn what it means to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. At the beginning of the week my group expressed a longing to hear from God, gain direction for their future, and to develop a deeper relationship with Him. During our day of fasting, we experienced a wonderful time on our faces before Him. Our prayer time went on through the evening and late into the night as we sought the Lord with all our heart. Words can never describe the incredible experience of entertaining the holy presence of God!”  ~ Laurie

“Though there was a spiritual battle all week long, God was present. Lives were changed. God broke down walls in many hearts. This week was a turning point as girls made decisions to restore relationships, pursue their fathers and have quality time with their Savior. Through the literal fight with the enemy, they learned how to look to the Lord to overcome their struggles and temptations.”  ~ Mandy

“Wow! The last Journey for the year! One word that would best describe it is “indescribable”!!!! As we gathered in the beautiful Northwoods, it was so neat to again stand in awe of God’s hand at work in so many lives, changing hearts, saving souls, and taking on the burdens of these precious girls! His presence on this Journey was so rich and so sweet! His patient mercy and steadfast grace was amazing and brought great revival into my own heart. I know that the work that He has begun will bring forth much fruit in my life and the lives of each of the girls and I am so looking forward to watching as He is glorified and His kingdom is advanced on earth as a result of this Journey to the Heart.”  ~ Elizabeth

“This Journey has been the best one yet!” I’ve heard that phrase used multiple times over the course of my time working in the Journey department. So the question comes to mind…’which one really was the best?’ I know the answer will vary between each person you ask, but I know for myself this one that just ended was the most impactful for me. First and foremost was the way in which God worked in my own life. He brought me to a complete surrender to Himself…a death of my own visions and desires and a full yielding to His own sweet will. Not only was He breaking me, but I watched with joy at how the Lord was working in the hearts of the other girls as well. It was not always easy, but as we peeled away the layers that had been built up in our hearts, we were again reminded that Christ’s forgiveness covers all our sin, His love is never ending, His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and His mercy is everlasting. “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” ~ Sharon