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Revealing Heart Issues

When I came to go on the Journey to the Heart I was thinking I would come, get it over with, go home, give a testimony and act the same. But God had different plans. The first few days my plan went great, but after that God started working on me. He showed me areas of sin and moral failure in my life....

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From Failures to Freedom

So it all began when I moved to a different neighborhood that my life started to go down hill. First, I was made fun of and picked on. I decided to change so that I could "fit-in". I began hanging out with the wrong friends, using drugs and such. I found out that I had to go to Journey to the Heart...

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The Road Less Traveled

" My life-long journey of seeking to know God started last year when I dedicated my life to Christ while I was on the "Journey to the Heart". Since then, although I have found that it isn't an easy journey...but I have found it to be the most rewarding and exciting journey ever! I've found this journey...

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