Journey to the Heart Down Under


Forty young men and women came for the first Journey to the Heart held in Australia November 9-16, 2014. The young ladies stayed at the IBLP Training Centre in Lilydale outside of Melbourne. The young men traveled to a more remote location a couple of hours east of Melbourne. During the 8-day retreat,...

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::: Journey Memorization Challenge 2015 :::


Merry Christmas!! I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! :D It's lovely ... every year we mark annual events on our cheerful little calendars and we anticipate with clasped hands and joy in our hearts, the up-coming celebrations, such as: Birthdays ::Easter:: !Fourth of July! Summer holidays {aka 'vacation'} <<Thanksgiving>> //Christmas\\ .New.Years. And...

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Photos from the September 2014 Guys Journey


Enjoy these photos from the September Guys Journey!

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Photos From the July 2014 Guys Journey


Enjoy these pictures from the guys on the July Journey to the Heart.

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Photos from the Girls June 2014 Journey


View a photo gallery of pictures from the girls Journey in June.

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Photos from the May Guys Journey


View a photo gallery of pictures from the guys Journey in May.

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Meriam and Family.b2ae19b356889f51b8bd3daf62939df22

“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” –Hebrews 13:3 In our society, it is easy to become so entangled in our own life here that we can see, feel, and know well in the life that surrounds us that we forget...

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Photos from the March 2014 Girls Journey

Girls March 2014 Journey 162

View a photo gallery of pictures from the girls Journey in March.

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“Too Far Gone for Help…”

The Northwoods

I went on the Journey to the Heart knowing I needed it but not wanting to go because I felt like I was too far gone for help. I had a lot of immorality in my life and I believed that there wouldn't be any victory for me. I had a lot of depression and self-hatred because of the sin in my life and there...

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May 2014 Guys Journey


  These fellows are returning home today after spending a refreshing week with the Lord in the Northwoods of Michigan on a Journey to the Heart. Please keep them in your prayers as they "continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel" (Colossians...

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